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Elementary Bahasa Indonesia

Intermediate Bahasa Indonesia

Advanced Bahasa Indonesia

Photo of Erlin Barnard, IFLI Pedagogy CoordinatorErlin Barnard

IFLI Pedagogy Coordinator


Dr. Erlin Barnard is the IFLI Pedagogy Coordinator at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Prior to coming to UW-Madison, Dr. Barnard worked both at the University of Hawaii-Manoa and the National University of Singapore in language instruction, program administration and teacher training. She is the Pedagogy Coordinator for Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTL) at the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, UW-Madison. She supervises LCTL instructors and oversees their pedagogy development. She has conducted workshops on foreign language pedagogy and materials development for various institutions in the U.S, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Netherlands, and Singapore. She has also participated in a number of program and curriculum reviews, and materials development projects for languages of Central Asia, South Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia.

Dr. Barnard as Pedagogy Coordinator works with the IFLI Director to implement best pedagogical practices into the IFLI program. One important focus is to work with the in-country faculty to develop a unifying curricular design of the US-based and Indonesia-based segments of the program. She facilitates collaboration between UW-Madison and the in-country institution to outline syllabi and compile curricular materials in order to ensure smooth articulation between the summer and fall programs. In consultation with the IFLI Director and the in-country Director, she conducts pedagogy workshops that offer professional development and result in the development of proficiency-based instructional materials for the IFLI program. Through classroom observations, she oversees the implementation of curricular materials in the classroom and provides support and feedback for the instructors’ professional development. Dr. Barnard also supervises the Indonesian teaching staff who come to UW-Madison for training and teaching opportunities.


Photo of Ellen Rafferty, IFLI Director

Ellen Rafferty

IFLI Director


Dr. Ellen Rafferty, Emerita Professor in the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures at U. Wisconsin-Madison, has a PhD in Anthropology with a focus on the role of language in society.  At UW Madison, she directed the Indonesian language program and taught three levels of Indonesian, Indonesian literature in translation, Indonesian theater traditions, and Southeast Asian sociolinguistics.  For the past twenty years she has devoted a significant portion of her time to developing Indonesian language teaching materials including the two texts from the University of Hawai’i Press, Let’s Speak Indonesian (Ayo Berbahasa Indonesia) and Indonesian Grammar in Context (Asyik Berbahasa Indonesia).  She has been active in the field of Southeast Asian language teaching at the national level, serving as President of the Consortium for the Teaching of Indonesian (COTI) and Vice President of the Council for the Teaching of Southeast Asian Languages (COTSEAL).  Rafferty has served in administrative roles as the Director of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies at UW Madison and as Language Director of the Southeast Asian Summer Studies Institute (SEASSI).  Currently she is the Director of the Indonesian Flagship program, IFLI, where she works with Dr. Barnard and the program director at the U. Malang, Pak Gatut Susanto, to develop curricular materials and syllabi for the two segments of the IFLI program.  Rafferty is also the Director of the Indonesian Culture Modules, an application that promotes intercultural awareness and teaches Indonesian values and social practices in order to assist IFLI students in adjusting to the Indonesian culture they encounter in Malang, East Java.


Photo of Kylie Holland, RFLI Program CoordinatorKylie Holland

RFLI Program Coordinator & RFLI-Culture Initiative Program Manager


Kylie Holland is the Program Coordinator for the Regional Flagship Language Initiatives (RFLI) servicing the Indonesian (IFLI), South Asian (SAFLI), and Turkish (TURFLI) programs. She has worked internationally from 2015 – 2020 and understands the unparalleled impact of learning a language and cultural exchange. Prior to her position at UW-Madison, she was an English Education Volunteer with the Peace Corps and worked as Resident Director of the IFLI program at the State University of Malang in Indonesia.


Photo of Jinda Moore, SEASSI Program CoordinatorJinda Moore

SEASSI Program Coordinator


Jinda Karnjana Moore is Coordinator for the Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute (SEASSI) hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison. SEASSI teaches eight or more Southeast Asian languages, including Indonesian, to adult learners from across the United States and abroad. Jinda holds an M.A. in Southeast Asian Studies from the University of Wisconsin, focusing on Thai language and literature. In her free time Jinda enjoys baking, exploring Madison’s food scene, and snuggling with her cats.


Photo of Laura Hammond, LPO DirectorLaura Hammond

Director, Language Program Office (LPO)


Laura Hammond is the Founding Director of the Language Program Office (LPO – launched in January 2021) and won the Chancellor’s Award for excellence in leadership in 2020. She has been the SASLI program coordinator since the inaugural Summer of SASLI in 2003. Laura has a BFA in ceramic art from the University of Washington-Seattle and is working towards an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Laura has been overseas for work, travel, and education. As an art student, Laura completed a semester in Rome with the University of Washington – Seattle. Besides learning how to drink Chianti and order pizza by the ounce, Laura traveled throughout Italy delving into the art and architecture. From 1990-1991, she taught English in Taipei, Taiwan and travelled extensively throughout Asia, where she learned Mandarin and Indonesian. In 1986-1987, she also lived and worked in London as a work exchange student on the Council for International Educational Exchange. These travel experiences have given her an important edge in understanding the specific challenges of language acquisition as well as the need for language skills for any student who is interested in study, work, research or travel abroad.


Photo of Felecia Lucht, Director of WISLIFelecia Lucht

Director, Wisconsin Intensive Summer Language Institutes (WISLI)


Felecia Lucht is the Director of the Wisconsin Intensive Summer Language Institutes (WISLI) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Dr. Lucht has an MA and PhD in German Linguistics with a PhD minor in Second Language Acquisition from UW-Madison.  She holds an MA in International Affairs with a concentration in Comparative and Regional Studies from the School of International Service (SIS) at the American University in Washington, DC.  She has a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point where she completed a double major in German and International Studies, and a minor in Russian.  Prior to her role as WISLI Director, Lucht taught language classes and courses in second language acquisition, foreign language methodology, and foreign language testing.  Lucht has studied German and Russian (and some Dutch), and is currently learning Arabic and Brazilian Portuguese.



SEASSI Bahasa Indonesia Coordinator