Job Opportunity: IFLI Resident Director with American Councils for International Education

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The Indonesian Flagship Language Initiative Program  (IFLI), located in Malang, Indonesia, assists learners of Indonesian in the acquisition of the targeted language and culture. The IFLI program consists of intensive, structured language instruction; and peer tutors/conversation partners with native speakers of the target language.

The IFLI Program Resident Director serves as American Councils’ representative in Malang in the areas of participants’ health, safety, academic performance, and program logistics. He/she must be available to program participants on a daily basis; meet regularly with teachers, administrators, and students; arrange group travel and cultural programs; and observe IFLI language classes. The Resident Director must be available to participants during any emergencies that arise and must communicate regularly with host institution representatives in Indonesia and American Councils staff in Washington, DC. Prior to the beginning of the program, all Resident Directors are required to complete an orientation program for staff. The Resident Director will travel to the program site in advance of the students’ arrival. The Resident Director reports to the DC-based Senior Program Manager.

ANTICIPATED EMPLOYMENT DATES: August 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022 (tentative)

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